Smart wiring

gudrais-tiklsModern housing has large amounts of appliances and technology that requires much larger amounts of data to be transferred in a shorter time than ever before. Phone is often replaced by internet communication means, as well as a TV-set has an internet connection and the large amount of phones and computers are always connected to the network. For all of these devices to work properly and with the quality and speed they are built for, they require a fast and stable internet connection. However, the standard data cables and networks are long outdated and cannot keep up with the requirements of modern devices, thus causing drops in internet speed and delays in data transfers. What does it matter if an optical internet cable is available if the house itself cannot keep up with the speeds it offers? Smart wiring means that the house is integrated with a network of optical cables at places where the amounts of data transferred are especially large, such as home servers and TV-sets with a gaming console.

Controlled lighting

kontrolets-apgaismojumsControlled lighting system allows you to easily change the mood around the house. As an example, when watching TV, the lighting is dimmed to a level where it does not disturb the viewer’s eyes to enjoy the chosen program or movie. At the dinner table it creates a calm atmosphere by a particularly chosen mode. All of this is now only one click away. Moreover, the lighting system does not end with the control of the lamps in the house. The window shutters are integrated in this system as well, thus allowing you to set the right mood and amount of lighting during the day as well. Nowadays lighting also has a value in security. The lamps turn on and off in different rooms when you are away, thus creating the illusion that there is always someone at home. The burglars are far less likely to break in a smart house than in a regular one.

Multi-room audio

daudzistabu-audio-2Nowadays the audio system is highly appreciated. Everyone wants to enjoy music of a high quality and likes as it sets the special mood around the house. Therefore, one should not limit himself with playing music from only one room. Modern houses tend to have a lot of rooms and space both inside and outside and people move here and there all the time. Multi-room audio system allows you to play your selected songs across all the rooms where the system is installed. Moreover, you can control the central audio system from any room and change the mood without the hassle to go to the audio system itself.

Home theater

majas-kinozaleMost people enjoy watching movies at their home stations because it’s so much more relaxed than going to a real cinema. To ensure the best movie experience several things have to be considered – arrangement of the room, the placement of the TV or beamer and speaker and subwoofer placement. Smart housing has it all to ensure full enjoyment of a movie night at home. Also, everybody knows the problem with bunch of remotes that each has control over a single device. Smart homes avoid this by having one universal remote for the whole home theater system.

Security and surveillance

drosiba-un-noverosanaWe all want to be sure that all our belongings are always safe. Therefore, one must be sure that their home security system does the best to keep strangers away. On the contrary to the standard security systems, “Smart House” security system can be accessed by the owner from anywhere in the world. If the house has a surveillance system, it can be accessed anytime. The recordings are kept and stored for later use on the home server. The property perimeter can be installed with a laser system that goes off when someone passes it, thus noticing the burglar even before he has entered the house itself. This allows the owner and the security company to react as fast as possible. The lighting system is also integrated in the security system. The lights come on and off in different rooms when the owner is away. All of these systems combined make your house safer than ever.


video-domafona-sistemaA domophone itself is nothing new. However, the”Smart House” system integrates the intercom into the system, which allows you to control the gates and door from several places across the house. One can see the visitor with our revealing itself and the intercom comes both in a stationary and application type, meaning that one can control the doors and gates from a smartphone and computer as well.

Air quality sensors

With smart home, one must not worry about the air quality in the house anymore as the house regulates ventilation systems automatically when the bad quality is registered by the sensors. If you have a fireplace, this can be especially useful.

Remote controlled switches

The switches can be connected to a remote control, ensuring maximum comfort for the user. Imagine being able to control all the lights and devices without even the slightest effort of moving.

Heating system

The integration of heating system within the smart house is one of the major elements for good energy efficiency of the house. Now you can regulate the whole heating system with one button from anywhere both inside and outside of the house. You can set different modes for the heating system to ensure the best alignment of comfort and efficiency.

System improvement

One of the major advantages for smart houses is the easy improvement of the system. If your house already has the basic smart home system, it is extremely simple and cheap to integrate further elements within the system. This is achieved through the fact that no new wiring system is required anymore. Most of the house runs with the help of a wireless network.