What is „Smart House”?

It is an automated system of home electric network and appliances (KNX) which allows home owner to comfortably and rapidly access and control all the devices integrated in this system. This type of system ensures maximum comfort of using the house, security and energy efficiency. With the help of the internet and smartphone access “Smart House” can be completely controlled from anywhere all over the world.

How much does it cost?

If especially expensive devices such as touchscreens and remote controls are avoided, the installation costs of such system are about 30% higher than the installation of a regular home electricity network, considering that the size of the house is the same.

Why to choose ”Smart House”?

How often do we regret the wrongly taken decisions? How many times have the things which were obviously not important for us become important and irritating? When choosing the correct installation option of „Smart House”, you give the possibility for yourselves to improve and/or to supplement your house with the new functions necessary for you.

For example, have you ever got irritated by a wrongly placed switch? Or suddenly the idea comes to your mind that it would be comfortable to turn on/off the territory lighting from your bedroom. Such changes are possible in „Smart House” only by re-programming switches and not by breaking the walls and installing new cables.