When the alarm is turned on, the smart house system immediately turns off all the unnecessary devices, sockets  and lighting. The window blinds are also closed. This means that the owner does not  have to worry about an iron, an oven or any other potentially dangerous device is left turned on.   Moreover, no time is wasted on turning all the lights off and closing the window shutters, as the house does it by itself. When returning home, no time is wasted either as all the required devices turn on automatically and do not have to be turned on individually. Smart houses offer the ability to set up different modes for different situations, for example, the night mode, to guarantee the maximum comfort for the home user.

Energy efficiency

energotaupibaSmart houses are especially energy efficient because, when the house is left empty, the heating system automatically switches into energy saving mode and the air conditioners are turned off. Additionally, a significant amount of energy is saved on the devices that are fully turned off when the house is empty. Even when at home, the system turns heating to saving mode in the rooms that are not being used.  Without doubt, the smart homes are paid off in a longer period of time, however, the length of this period depends on the amount of time for which the house is left empty because that is the time when most of the energy is saved if comparing with houses with simple electric systems.


drosibaSmart houses are renowned for their security systems because they can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Firstly, the house has the security system that turns the lights on in different rooms when the alarm is turned on and the owners are away, thus creating the illusion that there is always someone at home. Secondly, if you feel unsure about what is going on in your house, you can always access the video surveillance cameras from anywhere. Thirdly, smart houses can have perimeter security systems that notice the burglar in the moment he enters the property and not only the house. This allows you and the security company to react as fast as possible. The whole set of such systems makes the smart house as the most practical and secure choice solution.