Zipato allows you to see exactly where your energy goes, plus it gives you power to stop wasting it.


Our intelligent control technology enables you to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money— all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.



Energy monitoring

Zipato enables you to see exactly how much electricity is being used in your whole home or per each device – right now, online or on your mobile.

Testing how much energy is consumed by your home will surprise you how much wasted there is when some appliances are not turned off altogether. Understanding how much electricity your home is using – or wasting – you can save energy and money. Research shows users saving up to 20% in monthly energy expenses.

Remotely monitor and manage

all of the whole-house electronics with your smartphone to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Analyze and compare

Zipato will provide you with advanced historical reports and statistics of your energy consumption so you can analyze it and even compare it to average in your area.


Cost prediction
Zipato shows you how much your electricity use is going to cost you every day and every month, unless you change something.


Real time notifications
Zipato will soon learn what is your average usage for time periods, and if its suddenly higher you’ll get message that something’s been left on.like a light bulb or an appliance on stand-by.

When you leave the house

It will show you exactly how much electricity you’ll be using even when you’re not at home. It can alert you if it is more than average. It can automatically switch off the TV instead of leaving it on stand-by.


When you go to sleep

It will show you how much money will you spend while you’re asleep? It can warn you if it is above your night average. You can save by switching off an appliance, or two … you’ll be asleep and you won’t be needing them anyway.


Zipato Smart Thermostat

Zipato can help you conserve energy while having perfect climate conditions in your home.

Perfect thermostat should be invisible. There shouldn’t be any special device hanging on a wall. It should be adjusted easily to automatically maintain perfect ambiance while conserving as much energy as it is possible.

Multirooom. Adjusting temperature in each room separately could be done by just playing with your smartphone. Zipato can adjust each valve separately, so you can for example, turn off radiator valves in your living room while keep them open in children’s room. Zipato can also do this automatically if there is no presence in children room for a while.

Remote control. How many times people coming home and wish someone could set the heating on before they arrive? Zipato can do that. You can adjust your heating and cooling from everywhere in the world, using your smartphone.

Scheduler. Scheduling Zipato to activate heating and cooling automatically is extremely easy and intuitive. You can do it online through a web browser, using your mouse and keyboard. You can adjust different temperature modes (e.g. Comfort, Economy, Sleep…), and later activate those modes with the click of the button.